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I just came across these pictures looking for fun patterns and wallpapers. I was especially drawn to the triangle wallpaper on the bottom two pictures. Guess who? Who else, but Kelly Wearstler. One day when I can afford my expensive tastes I may need to have a dining room or master bedroom designed. AND how cool would it be to get to do an internship with her?!

I would love to design boutique hotels in the future…wish I could pull something like the above design out of my brains. This is the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. What a cool commission! I am very impressed by how she turned a monochromatic design into a work of art through textures and patterns, although it isn’t like I wouldn’t expect something of this caliber anyway. I can’t imagine rendering this…oh dear.

P.S. does anyone know where she finds her awesome accessories and furniture pieces?

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