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This is a moodboard I created for a contest through Sea of Shoes. I love her blog and her avante garde style. If you are cool you will go check it out! This is basically the things that are inspiring me right now. Also, things I would totally buy if I had the means. What’s your style?



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I am 100% in love with this picture. Correction, I am in love with this dress. There is this elegance in the granny-ness of the tweed. If someone handed me this, I might just keel over and die…which would be unfortunate because I would have to sport it to my own funeral and that really is not too exciting. Chanel is bloody brilliant. So is Elle Fanning. I found this lovely picture at Interview Magazine.

Photographer: Steven Pan


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LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND! Have you heard of etsy? Basically it’s like ebay but wayy better. You can only sell/buy vintage and handmade things. Check out some more of Amber Alexander’s watercolor prints. These were some of my favorites that I saw and I may just have to invest in some for my oh so lovely empty space on my apartment walls!


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We had this awesome sample giveaway at blogshop by Nude Skincare. The best part is…they weren’t sample sizes, they are legit! The one on the right (Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum) is NOT cheap either. It has this Probiotic Technology thing that is proven to decrease damage to the skin and make you look longer by making your skin healthier! Hecks yes please. Not that I necessarily need it at 20, but hey, I am up for a head start.

The one on the right is more affordable (Cleansing Facial Oil). It removes stubborn makeup.

Nude is a sustainable line of skincare which is awesome! I haven’t been using for more than a couple of days, but the packaging and branding is cute which totally makes me want to be obsessed. You should definitely go look them up and read more about them.


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Pictures: House Industries


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Who can honestly turn down a donut? My favorite is glazed donuts!! I found this picture and I fell in love. It makes me feel all happy inside and I love how the sprinkles play off the shoes.

Picture: Simply Bloom


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Where would the world be without Stella McCartney. She is kind of brilliant, but that would be an understatement. If you haven’t looked at her work, you should probably familiarize yourself. These are a few of my favorites!


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