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shoes, tuxedo shirt, dress by Charles James (I would wear it if I needed to go to a red carpet event…too bad I don’t. Maybe I will install red carpet tiles in my hallway and pretend like I am at one just so I can wear this beauty. One reason I love it is that it is vintage…whoop!). This is one of my favorite color combinations…what’s yours?

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Does anyone else feel like the green backdrop looks crooked? Or am I just going insane…that is always a plausible explanation, so no feelings hurt today. I can’t for the life of me remember who took this, but it will drive me crazy because it is lounging out on the tip of my tongue. If you know, please let me know so I can credit and go look at more pretty pictures.


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This has literally been driving me insane for months now (consciously…maybe a lot longer subconsciously, but who knows). See the paneling on the door…ya, what’s it called? It is all over the Texas capital and lots of other places too. But the tours at the capital don’t tell you anything about their paneling.

HELP ME! Comment and drop me little hints or just be nice and tell me straight up because that would be wayy more convenient to be completely honest.

It kind of looks like a Tie Fighter to me. Am I the only one?

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How beautiful are these photos by Nicole Slater?I have a collection of old cameras in my bedroom that I have gotten from an antique store near my house. I also got an old wingback chair from there. I love it so much! My mom says I can’t take it until I move out for real though because it matches the guest bedroom decor too well.

I love black and white film photography, but I also love my colors. I especially love how she kept the integrity of the colors but softened the backdrop. I loving finding new artists!


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I just came across these pictures looking for fun patterns and wallpapers. I was especially drawn to the triangle wallpaper on the bottom two pictures. Guess who? Who else, but Kelly Wearstler. One day when I can afford my expensive tastes I may need to have a dining room or master bedroom designed. AND how cool would it be to get to do an internship with her?!

I would love to design boutique hotels in the future…wish I could pull something like the above design out of my brains. This is the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. What a cool commission! I am very impressed by how she turned a monochromatic design into a work of art through textures and patterns, although it isn’t like I wouldn’t expect something of this caliber anyway. I can’t imagine rendering this…oh dear.

P.S. does anyone know where she finds her awesome accessories and furniture pieces?

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I come bearing a history lesson…if you hate history then you can think of it more as a fun fact lesson.

The Victorian era is the most evident style that plagues San Francisco. The Victorian era occurred during the reign of Queen Victoria of England (1837-1901), and lasted beyond her death until the beginning of World War I in 1914. Queen Victoria identified herself with the middle class, so the furniture was made for the increasing middle class. Due to industrialization, the people were able to decorate with mass produced goods for the first time. These pieces mimicked costly materials without the same expense. The proportions are clumsy and have fantastic ornamentation. Dark woods and strong colors held the integrity of the furniture. The people wore more elegant clothing with lace and frills and they put an emphasis on fashion and proper demeanor which showed heavily in the architecture of this time.

Victorian homes were a symbol of taste and status. Four styles made up what was called “Victorian.” 1) Italianate  2) Second Empire  3) Stick-Eastlake  4)Queen Anne.

Following the Civil War, the homes left their simplicity behind and became more elaborate and flamboyant. The early homes were painted in white, beige or gray and in only one solid color. By 1887, other vibrant colors were being used to highlight the wooden decorations. Between 1870-1906 thousands of Victorian homes were built in San Francisco known as the “Painted Ladies.”

The three characteristics of  a “Painted Lady” are: 1) painted in three or more colors that embellish  2) made of redwood  3) mass produced.

On Steiner Street, across from Alamo Square park are the most well known of the Victorian houses is “Postcard Row.” Built between 1892 and 1896 by Matthew Kavanaugh, they have appeared in an estimated 70 movies, TV programs, and ads, including in the opening credits of the series Full House. 

Skateboard picture: abduzeedo

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I am not aging myself…I am aging my mom. She always had us watching things like Bewitched, I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke, Mr. Ed, etc. Has anyone else ever seen this show? The coolest talking horse on the block is what’s up. I used to think that the world was black & white, not just the TV screen.  Oops.

Photographer: Indie Photography



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